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The Art of Journal Writing

In 2017, Nicholas Arnold's grandmother passed away, and when she did, her years of extensive journal writing was uncovered by her family.

Her incredible record-keeping left behind a legacy that allowed her family to grieve and discover the otherwise unknown and ordinary stories of her life.

Through this discovery, Nicholas was able to revisit his own passion for journal-writing - something he had done off and on from a young age. He has grown and to love and revel in the art-form.

Based on his article published in Elephant Journal, in this empowering and inspiring talk, Nicholas invites you to discover the many gifts journal-writing has to offer, from enhancing our innate story-telling abilities, to gratitude, goal-setting and even a subtle form of time-travel!

Through his personal and relatable stories, anecdotes and tips, Nicholas encourages his audience to pick up their pens and tell their ordinary, special stories in the most simplistic, yet powerful ways.

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