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History of the Solo-Artist and Creating Your Own Work in the Arts

Two feature films, multiple one-man shows, an original podcast series and projects pitched to and picked up by various companies, including American entertainment company, Khris Dodge Entertainment and Ontario-based, Smile Theatre, 90% of Nicholas Arnold's work has come from self-derived resources and ideas.


Audiences will receive an in-depth and engaging history lesson in where the art of solo-performing originated and how it has grown and evolved, dating back from the age of vaudeville to 2018. Using personal stories of artistic successes and failures (including bombing at the 700-seat Orillia Opera House), Nicholas breaks down the tools and temperament needed to make a living as an artist.


This talk and additional break-out sessions are geared towards senior High School Drama/Arts students or those just entering an arts education or arts-based career.


Nicholas' experience comes from building a one-man show and touring it to retirement homes across Ontario. His successes led him to debuting a two-act, one-man show at The Orillia Opera House and performing it at The Kingston Grand Theatre in 2013. Nicholas produced, wrote and starred in an original Symphonic Concert called “Back to Hollywood”, holding the world premiere at The Desertview Performing Arts Centre in Tucson, Arizona. Nicholas has directed two feature films winning multiple film festival awards, countless shorts and is the writer and producer of Paying Tribute, a new podcast available on iTunes, Stitcher and PlayerFM.


This talk works as a smaller, intimate lecture (ideal for a drama class), however can be expanded for a large audience upon request.

Possible breakout sessions are available upon request. A shortened version of this talk can be used as a breakout session, following a previous talk.


For smaller classroom settings, no microphone is needed. Please discuss logistics and audience-size ahead of time to determine what is best.

Audio equipment to play audio tracks (iPhone hook-up or mp3 file)

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