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Leadership, Drive, and Using Your Talents To Make A Difference

Hidden beneath headlines of tragedy and politics are stories of individuals changing the world.

It's time to pull the curtain back on what's possible and find ways in which to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE ourselves and the communities we live and thrive in.

Through humorous anecdotes of leading teams of hundreds as a teenager, creating his own work in the arts and using his talents to make a difference, Nicholas guides audiences to learn about their innate, quiet leadership roles and how motivation, combined with drive and fortitude, are key components to achieving their goals. Audiences learn the tools to dream in the 'impossible' and how using their talents can make a difference.


In this engaging and inspiring talk, Nicholas shares his insights, failures and successes in various leadership roles. From his fundraising efforts as a 15-year-old to feature film productions and running large-scale events, audiences learn the tools to dream in the 'impossible' and how using their talents, skills and passions can make a difference.


By age 17, Nicholas produced and directed a feature film on bullying and raised over $30,000 for cancer research with the help of hundreds of peers and students. He is a former supervisor at one of the busiest venues for the Toronto International Film Festival, an accomplished filmmaker, writer and philanthropist. He was a recipient of the 2008 TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership and the 2005 Mayor's Youth Award for Volunteerism. His articles have been published on acclaimed online journals such as Elephant Journal, The Mindful Word and Intermission Magazine.


Nicholas has delivered this talk for the Cataraqui Rotary Club, The Gananoque Rotary Club, The Trek for Teens Foundation, as well as various school engagements.


This talk is best when combined with slides and video clips (provided by Nick), suitable for an assembly setting. Nick will work with your tech team (or school tech department) prior to the event to ensure his visuals can be presented without difficulty on the day.

This talk can also be formatted as a smaller, classroom break-out session without the aide of slides or clips.

Tech Requirements

Microphone (cordless preferred)

Projector with laptop VGA and Audio cable (laptop provided by Nick)

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