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Explore the deep, rich purple of Dark Opal Basil now available

in our latest Vegepod!

The perfect way to spruce up your pestos, sauces, and dressings, Dark Opal Basil is a mild and striking alternative to ordinary sweet basil. Famous for its decorative appeal as much as its taste, this perennial is a gorgeous and delicious addition to any dish.

Delight and impress your dinner guests with this aromatic combo of gorgeous decoration and tasty seasoning. Order your Dark Opal Basil pod today through the link on our bio!



To the father-figures who've helped us grow into the people

we were meant to become...

We celebrate you today!

To honour fathers everywhere, we're offering 20% off of our Vegehome smart gardens from now until June 20th.

Don't wait to grow your own pod or gift one to the father in your life!

Happy Father's Day -- from our Vegehome to yours.



Empower your game with Tribal's latest selection of elegant,

comfortable, and contemporary golf dresses.

What colours and styles are important to you on the green?

For more ideas on how to look great while improving your swing, shop our collection in the bio!

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This summer, create a lasting impression wherever you go with a tried and true black & white pallet.

Our collection offers variety in style, combos, and sleek designs.

Is black & white a wardrobe must for you?

Explore our wide-range of trendy summer looks that will help you stay current while standing out with class.

See the link in our bio!

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Outdoor living areas have grown in popularity as an idyllic option for a backyard getaway. As social gatherings increase, having a stunning design for your backyard is one of the best ways to make your home the newest go-to destination for friends and family and standout in the neighbourhood.

The benefits of cultivating a thriving backyard living space increase comfort, morale, and options for your home. Looking for a reason to start your outdoor journey?

  • An outdoor living area will expand your home, adding square footage and value.

  • A well-designed space can add endless entertainment hosting options including fire pits, backyard BBQs, and game spaces.

  • Being outdoors is a proven mood booster. Relieve symptoms of stress and depression by increasing the amount of time you spend outdoors in the comfort of a well-landscaped living area.


After spending so much time at home, we know you may be looking for a change and Leroc wants to help.

This summer is the perfect opportunity to transform your yard into the oasis of your dreams. If you're thinking of renovating, our team is ready to step in with a FREE project estimate (linked in our bio).

We are constantly innovating and finding ways to help bring the ideas in your head to a stunning reality. Whether your style is traditional or more contemporary in scope, Leroc's custom approach will complement your needs, requests, and desires, leaving your yard feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the summer.

Your backyard is a place for making timeless memories, sharing laughs, and building friendships. Let us help you create the best space possible for a comforting and inviting addition to your home. Reach out through the link in the bio today and scroll through our Instagram for more ideas before getting started.