Stop-motion Animation Workshops

Ages 6-18

Nicholas has facilitated on-going workshops on stop-motion photography and animation in association with The Cube School of Technology. Through his course, students as young as 6 years old learn to write, storyboard, production design, character design and animate a short film. Courses range from 1-8 weeks in length.

Cinema & Slapstick

Lecture series available for acting schools, film programs & more

Pulling from his extensive knowledge and experience (performing slapstick comedy internationally), this series provides students in-depth insight and analysis into the art-form of slapstick, physical and athletic comedy - providing comprehensive resources and examples to aid in their own theatrical or cinematic productions.



Nicholas offers private, in-home lessons and tutoring for beginners and those wishing to work on specific pieces or areas of concern.

He specializes in:

  • Training for accompanists (learn to play for a singer or as part of a musical)

  • Improv piano scoring

  • Ear training

  • Piano riffs, tricks and fakery

Lessons begin at $40/hr

Contact for questions or special accommodations


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