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Stop-motion Animation Workshops

Ages 6-18

Nicholas has facilitated workshops on stop-motion photography and animation in association with The Cube School of Technology and CIRCUIT. Through his course, students as young as 6 years old learn to write, storyboard, production design, character design and animate a short film. Courses range from 1-8 weeks in length.


Martin & Lewis: Kings of Comedy and Showbusiness

7-week lecture series available for acting schools, film programs,

senior programs & more

Before Jim Carrey, before Michael Bublé, before Martin Short, there was Martin & Lewis, one of the greatest musical comedy duos of all time. As the first entertainers to tackle every medium – nightclubs, movies, TV shows, radio, comic books, and more - the unique manic style of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis ushered in a new era of entertainment that inspired musicals, movies, and comedy acts in the following decades. Explore the humble beginnings of this engaging duo, their long partnership, and the break-up that shook the entertainment world and horrified their fans. Participants will be transported back to the 1940s, travelling forward to the modern day, gaining a deeper understanding of the roots of today's entertainment and comedy. The lives of Martin & Lewis provide a powerful story about friendship, fame, and the American dream.

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