What makes compelling content, articles, stories, or copy? More often than not it is the research and understanding that goes behind it - and that's what I bring to the table.

I use the standard fundamentals of copywriting, research, and content marketing strategies to learn about you, your company, your message & your vision in order to reach your intended audience.

Who am I? I'm an accomplished entertainer, writer, speaker, and filmmaker. My writings have been published in online journals such as Elephant Journal (2 million readers, **Editor's Choice), The Mindful Word, Intermission Magazine, The Self Improvement Blog, and

The Ginosko Literary Journal.



Now if you like, pour a coffee and

have a read of some of my work below!


- Nick

How A Rich A-hole Taught Me Compassion
Your Story Matters:
5 Reasons Why I Journal
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis: Why Friendship Breakups are Hard to Do
The HIDDEN Truth About The Holy Bible & Mindfulness
Trust the Headlights: Accepting 
& Embracing Change
Don't Call Me Jerry: My Life 
Performing in Retirement Homes
On the Question of Santa Claus:
He is Undoubtedly Real
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EASTER, 1998

(short story)

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